CANNATUREL – Japanese Gourmet Canned Food

Do you have such a thing as gourmet canned food in your country? Well, Japan does.
Join us as we try CANNATUREL's premium quality canned foods for a one-of-a-kind experience.


Canned foods – a meal source that comes to our rescue in a variety of dire situations such as power outage, natural disasters and the desperate times where you have forgotten to buy groceries. While most of us aim to always keep our fridge stocked with fresh produce and protein, it is safe to say that we do sometimes indulge in canned food here and there. After all, they can be very delicious. But here in Japan, canned foods have evolved into a gourmet form.


Didn’t know they existed? Well, we didn’t either until we found CANNATUREL.


CANNATUREL is a company that works with producers all over Japan to create and develop what they refer to as デリシャス缶詰, which literally translates to “delicious canned foods”. These delicious canned foods are made from carefully selected ingredients that are hermetically sealed and then cooked to perfection. Furthermore, the most amazing thing about these products is that these are actually dishes that usually take a ridiculous number of steps to make. Essentially, CANNATUREL produces gourmet dishes in canned form. You are able to purchase CANNATUREL’s products directly from their online shop, or you can find their range at selected department stores. If you’re lucky, you may also come across their special vending machine out about in Tokyo city.


Thank you to CANNATUREL once again for giving us permission to film and providing us all those scrumptious bites of the canned foods.


Since we filmed this video on their last day for the Shimbashi state pop-up shop/kitchen, it is unfortunately no longer accessible. However, for any of the latest information regarding future pop-up shops and specific locations where you can purchase their items, please check out their website and social media accounts down below!