Global Policy

SENPAI JAPAN is a site oriented towards providing original content on multifaceted aspects of Japan and Japanese culture, as seen through the eyes of long-term residents with extensive experience in their respective fields and a passion for sharing their knowledge with the world. We do not believe in simply relaying basic information. We give our users a platform where they can build their own understanding of Japan and maximize their experience through new standpoints. Our team and network of writers behind SENPAI JAPAN create content that informs, entertains, inspires and educates our readers. We fact-check and regulate our content to ensure that everything posted on our platform stays up to date and current.


SENPAI JAPAN operates under a high ethical standard. If you find anything on our website that is unethical, incorrect or offensive, contact us at and we will remove it immediately. We do not operate in the interests of religious agendas or endorse any political parties. Our content is strictly made in the interest of our readers and guided by what we think they will enjoy. We do not recommend or endorse any illegal, exploitive, immoral or hateful activities and we do not tolerate companies, organizations or establishments that condone such acts.


We are committed to providing a variety of perspectives, experiences and voices in our content and our network of writers. We do not discriminate against background, ethnicity or gender.


Content on SENPAI JAPAN is created independently. We will ensure transparency by clearly stating if our content is anything other than independently created.

Commercial Content

SENPAI JAPAN will only provide content for establishments or companies that align with our values. We are not influenced by advertisers and we ensure that any commercial or sponsored content is clearly labeled. Sponsored or commercial content refers to independently written articles funded by other businesses, companies and establishments. The creation of this content remains compliant with our editorial policy and does not intend to promote or advertise in the interest of these businesses, companies and establishments. We do not and will not alter our website content in the interest of other parties.


We do not tolerate plagiarism, which we define as pre-existing published work that has been copied wholly or partially. All of our content is original content created for SENPAI JAPAN by our team and network of writers. Any information from external sources will be attributed accordingly.


Views and opinions expressed in SENPAI JAPAN’s content are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Jaythree Inc., nor SENPAI JAPAN. Any opinions expressed by our writers are their own and content is not intended to promote the interests of any political or religious agenda, company, organization, group or individual. Any information provided on SENPAI JAPAN is accurate at the time of publication. We do not hold any responsibility for any effects to the accuracy or public nature of the information provided on this site caused by the passage of time. Readers should use the information and content provided at their own discretion.