Established in 1986, JAYTHREE, Inc. (J3)  is an advertisement and sales promotion production company that offers total creative services from planning to editing and design. The company deals with the planning and production of a wide variety of media such as advertisements, editorials, and digital tools, with a predominant focus on magazine and website planning and design. 

JAYTHREE, Inc. has built strong alliances with partners including editorial production companies, photographers, illustrators, systems companies, video production companies, translation companies, and printing companies. We have extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry, having worked with clients including airlines, travel agencies, hotels and inns to local governments and theme parks. We place strong value on establishing client trust and have a demonstrable track record, having done direct business with many companies over the years.

2-11-6 Nishishimbashi,
New Nishishimbashi Bldg. 7F,
Tokyo 105-0003, Japan

TEL: 03-3519-3931
FAX: 03-3519-3935
Email: j3@jaythree.com
Website: www.jaythree.com/en