Yatsuhashi, Cinnamon weets from Kyoto

If you get a chance to visit Kyoto, you can find Yatsuhashi here and there at almost every souvenir shop.

It is one of the best known regional products of Kyoto. Growing up in Kansai, there was a time I got actually a bit tired of this too popular sweets as a kid, but now I sometimes feel like eating this nostalgic sweets.


Yatsuhashi is a small delicate sweet that is flavored with cinnamon. It is made from glutinous rice flour, sugar and cinnamon. There are two types; Baked (similar to senbei) and Raw(unbaked yatsuhashi). Nama(raw) yatsuhashi has a soft, mochi-like texture and is often eaten wrapped around red bean paste. Today, they come in a variety of different flavours such as green tea, chocolate and strawberry. Please try it yourself once!

written by Emi Onishi

I was born in Kyoto and moved to Tokyo about 10 years ago. I hope to share some information about Kansai through DJ . Currently enjoy being a mom raising a four-year old boy.