Ine no Funaya (Boat Houses)

Taste the Seaside life in Japan

Taste the Seaside life in Japan

Approximately 130km north from Japan’s formal capital, Kyoto, you will arrive in the historical roots of Japan, also dubbed as the Kyoto by the Sea region. The northern region of Kyoto prefecture is thought to be the place in the country where rice-growing was first introduced from mainland China, and is a region that has prospered since olden times. This region is not short of ancient burials mounds, shrines and temples for visitors to gaze upon. Adding to the rich, historical scene are also the beautiful views of the blue sea, lush green mountains and even old traditional Japanese houses to give you a glimpse of Japan’s ancient times.


Within the Kyoto by the Sea region lies the town of Ine, where the residents have a seaside lifestyle that centers around fishing and farming industries that dates back to olden times. Ine is also filled with unique buildings called funaya (boathouse), which have a specific architectural design where the bottom story is for storing boats and fishing equipment, while the top story is the residence.


Hirata, Inecho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto, 626-0423
54-minute bus ride from Amanohashidate station.
0772-32-0277 (Inecho tourist association)
Website (Inecho tourist association)