Kumano Kodo Kohechi Pilgrimage Route

An Ancient Pilgrimage Route

An Ancient Pilgrimage Route

This Kohechi (small road), part of the ancient Kumano Kodo network of pilgrimage routes, cuts through Totsukawa and the center of the Kii Peninsula to connect the mountain-top temple complex of Koyasan in the North West with the sacred Kumano Sanzan shrines in the South. Known as “the mountainous route to Kumano”, the 70 km route is characterized by steep trails traversing passes over 1000 meters in elevation. The route leads through the picturesque mountain village of Hatenashi, known as the“sky village”, for its high elevation. The stone path through the village is lined with small Buddhist statues and wells with fresh drinking water.

The Hatenashi village that you will pass by as you walk along the pilgrimage route, is chosen as one of “Japan’s 100 Best Villages”. It overlooks the Kii Mountains, hence also known as the “hometown of the heavens” for its beauty.


Stretches from Mount Koyasan (Wakayama Prefecture), towards Totsukawa Village (Nara Prefecture) and to the Kumano region (Mie Prefecture)
Short walk from Warabio bus stop (Hatenashi Pass trailhead)