Lolita Fashion in the Summer Season

​​​​Lolita is a fashion subculture that was born in the heart of Harajuku, Japan, back in the late 1970s. The style is highly influenced by the clothing from the European 17th-century Baroque, 18th-century Rococo, and 19th-century Victorian eras. The three main substyles are sweet, classic, and gothic. As Lolita fashion continues to evolve over time, many new sub-styles like Neo-Gothic or Larme-Kei have emerged by incorporating modern elements from the present day.

Lolita fashion has its own set of guidelines that makes it unique. A basic coordinated outfit consists of a headpiece, a blouse, a jumper skirt (a sleeveless lolita dress which is normally worn with a blouse underneath, or with a cardigan or bolero over it), matching socks, and dolly shoes. It is also necessary to wear a petticoat and a bloomer underneath to add puffiness and volume to the skirt. The puffiness and volume of the skirt is also a key element of the basic coordination, and therefore many Lolita fashion enthusiasts achieve this by wearing a petticoat and bloomers.


When it comes to the summer season, these layers of adornment can be a problemespecially when it’s 30 degrees Celsius out on a hot, humid day. Here are some useful tips to consider so that you can wear your favorite clothes under the sun without overheating.

Tone Down Your Coordination

First and foremost, save OTT (over the top) coordination for colder seasons, and try to limit your layers as much as possible. This can be easily achieved by choosing a singlelayer main piece instead of putting on layers of clothes. Forget about matching a blouse with a jumper skirt and opt for one of your favorite one-piece dresses, or match a cutsew with a skirt. Summer is the best time to showcase all the one-piece dresses and cutsews that have been sitting in your wardrobe all winter long.

  • Metamorphose temps de fille / May Bells of Memories Short Sleeve Dress

If you simply must wear a jumper skirt, there are many different ways you can make it a summer-friendly coordination, such as:


-Matching it with a short sleeve blouse. 

-Putting on a bolero or an overdress. 

-Wearing the jumper skirt alone.


When it comes to Lolita fashion, it’s common to match a jumper skirt with a blouse. However, as the fashion evolved over the decade, many Lolita brands started showing their models wearing a blouse-less coordination. Even some jumper skirts are designed to be worn alone—for example, a jumper skirt with an extra detachable strap made with lace or ruffles that lays off the shoulders. As long as the coordination looks elegant and isn’t too revealing, it should be no problem at all.

The Right Fabrics for Summer


The fabric of your outfit plays an essential role in making sure you stay cool and comfortable in hot weather. My personal favorite summer fabric has to be chiffon. It’s lightweight and highly breathable, allowing both heat to escape the body and air to flow so you can feel the summer breeze all day long. Many Lolita brands release chiffon blouses or one-piece dresses that come in a variety of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find one that will match with your wardrobe.

  • Metamorphose temps de fille / Lulu lady Balloon Sleeve Dress


While not so commonly used in Lolita fashion clothing, seersucker is one of the typical summer fabrics that is used in mainstream fashion. Coming from the cotton family, seersucker is a lightweight fabric that is a result of loose-tension yarns, allowing air to flow through your outfit. If you’re not the type of person that would wake up extra early in the morning to iron your clothes before Lolita gatherings, this fabric will be your best friend.


Metamorphose temps de fille / Beaded Round Collar Short Sleeve Blouse


Lace is one of the most common elements in Lolita fashion. It is also one of my all-time favorite fabrics for a Lolita summer outfit. It’s easy to wear and does not require a lot of ironing. Pair it with any classic or gothic main piece, and you’ll achieve the elegant and modest look instantly. There are many different types of lace out there, such as cotton lace, satin lace, and more. Try picking a lightweight and see-through lace material that best matches your summer outfit. 

Metamorphose temps de fille / Stand Collar Bishop Sleeve Lace Blouse

Adjusting Your Lolita Innerwear

Petticoats and bloomers are basic Lolita garments that are worn under a skirt. A petticoat plays a vital role in creating the volumes and puffiness for the perfect Lolita silhouette. As it is made out of multiple layers of gathered chiffon and tulle, a traditional underskirt might not be the optimal match for a summer Lolita outfit. Instead, wearing a hoop skirt or a thinner petticoat will give you more breathability. If you dare, you can even ‘bend the rules’ a bit by opting for a no-petticoat approach. Look out for dresses that have built-in petticoats in their linings, or have a cut that gives you a natural A-line/round shape silhouette when worn alone.


The bloomer is also an essential item that forms a basic Lolita outfit. It serves as an undergarment that keeps your modesty well, as the Lolita skirt could be on the short side when bending forward, or get lifted up on a windy day. A bloomer also keeps you warm during the winter season, which is often considered ‘too much‘ when it comes to hot weather. As a bloomer is not meant to be shown most of the time, you might want to consider substituting it with regular shorts or safety pants. Alternatively, wear activewear shorts with thinner layersーthere are even some that have quick-drying functions to keep your body feeling fresh!

Extra: Don't Forget Your Summer Essentials!


There are many different types of sunscreen you can choose from, such as liquid types, stick types, spray types, and many more. Regardless of which one you prefer, it is best to make sure that it has an SPF of 30 or higher, provides broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection, and is water-resistant. 

Stay hydrated!

Most importantly of all, drink lots of water and make sure to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day! 

In Closing

It takes real dedication for a person to wear their favorite fashion style no matter what kind of condition. Wearing Lolita fashion in hot climate weather might sound like a nightmare for some Lolitas. However, with just a bit of effort and creativity, it’s simple enough to coordinate an outfit that achieves a summer aesthetic while offering maximum comfort. 


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written by Maylene

27-year-old Malaysian and is currently based in Tokyo. She has been in love with the Japanese fashion (predominantly Lolita) for more than a decade. During her free time, she enjoys dressing up, playing games, going to concerts, and hanging out with her friends in Harajuku. You can see her outfit coordinations on her Instagram @kuronekoakiyo