Cook okonomiyaki like a pro!!!


Cook okonomiyaki

The first step is to mix the okonomiyaki well, so that you have a gloopy mixture of the mix and toppings. Then, pour the mixture on to the pan and create a circular shape that is about two centimetres thick. You don’t want it to be too big, because then it will be difficult to flip. The maximum size would be slightly smaller than a frisbee. You can check how well the okonomiyaki is cooking by using the spatula (in Japanese, it’s called a “hera”). Use two spatulas and put them under the okonomiyaki at opposite sides. Remember to flip them simultaneously so that the okonomiyaki does not fall apart!


When the okonomiyaki cooks, you should put the okonomiyaki sauce, mayo, katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna) and ao-nori (seaweed flakes). It will add even more to the flavor!


I also recommend you to look at the other tables to observe how the local people cook okonomiyaki. Sometimes, it is helpful to ask the waiter/waitress if they can show you how to cook okonomiyaki like a pro!

written by Rie S

I love Japan, especially Japanese FOOOOOOOD!