A Guide To Free Wifi in Kansai

Stay connected on your travels!

“Stuck for internet while travelling in Kansai? Look no further than this guide! Out of the following list, internet at Starbucks is the most reliable. There are usually options to connect automatically by using Facebook or Twitter to sign in, but it’s not the safest option on a public unsecured network. Happy surfing!

Kansai Airport

Free WiFi – setup on your smartphone or laptop takes a minute or less. Multiple SSIDs depending on where in the airport you’re located. Available in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. 

Kyoto WiFi

Over 600 hotspots across the city, including bus stops and subway stations. Connections are usually fast once you’re logged on; however, they have a limited range and you often have to be standing outdoors to use them. You will also need to register online before being able to use it on the go.

Signup Instructions and a List of Hotspots

Link (Japanese Only)

Osaka WiFi

Available at over 2000 hotspots around Osaka Prefecture, and importantly along major stations where tourist sites are located. No prior registration required.

Setup Instructions

Link (Japanese Only)

JR West Free WiFi Service

Available at some JR stations in the central Osaka City area. Register online to obtain a guest code before travelling to Japan!

Starbucks WiFi

Available at virtually all Starbucks outlets in Kansai – there are dozens. Connections are fast and reliable; you can opt to sign in via Facebook or Twitter, but at your own risk on an unsecured network. Sit down in comfort with a cup of coffee, or stand outside leeching off the WiFi (as I have done in the past).


written by Flory

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