Naraizumi Yusai
You can enjoy various sake (Japanese rice wine) of Nara which is regarded as the birthplace of sake

Traces of remaining part of Machiya continuing to Todaiji, Kofukuji, and Gangoji Temples, built on the site of the merchandise of Nara lacquer ware.

We have carefully selected and sold over 120 kinds of local sake (rice wine) brewed in 29 brewery stores in Nara prefecture. Please find your favorite sake. In addition to that, the original soy-based miso "Hishio" taste, a specialty soy sauce, and Nara-style pickles are available here.

"Nara Prefecture Sake brewery association certified shop"

Naraizumi Yusai

Naraizumi Yusai


●22 Nishiterabayashicho, Nara City, Nara 630-8372
●Hours/ 11:00-20:00
●Holidays/ Thursdays ※Open in case a Thursday falls on a holiday
◆Access/ 8-minute on foot from Nara Station; 10-minute on foot from JR Nara Station

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