Yoshimoto Entertainment Shop
A specialty product shop for 365 days of 47 prefectures produced by Yoshimoto

"The shop introduces products selected by ""sumimasu (to live) comedians"", who live all over the country.

You can purchase specialty products from all over the country on the first floor of Namba Grand Kagetsu."

Yoshimoto Entertainment Shop

Yoshimoto Entertainment Shop


●Hours/Hours: (weekdays) 10:00~19:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays) 9:00~20:00
◆Access/"3 minute walk from Namba Station of Subway Midosuji Line; Namba Station of Nankai, Kintetsu, and Hanshin JR Line.

Exit 3 of Namba Station of Subway Midosuji Line. Exit E5 of NAMBA Nannan.

Go east of Nankaidori. Turn right at the first intersection and go 30m."

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