Head temple of the Jodo Sect which has Japan's largest Sanmon (main gate)

It is a very large temple located against the background of Higashiyama Sanju-Roppo. In 1175, it was founded by Honen Shonin, the founder of Jodo Shu (Pure Land Sect) of Buddhism in Japan. Normal temples’ gates are known as Sanmon, with the San written in the Chinese character of mountain, however, the Chion-in’s Sanmon is written in the Chinese character of three. This is in reference to the Sangedatsumon (Three Gates of Liberation), of Kumon (Gate of Emptiness), Musomon (Gate of Formlessness) and Muganmon (Gate of Inaction), from which people can attain Satori (enlightenment). Apart from the magnificent gate, there are many other sightseeing spots. It is unfortunate that the central building of Mieido, a national treasure that houses the image of Honen, is currently closed for major repair work, which is expected to complete in 2019.


(main switchboard)

●Hours/9:00~16:30 (Last reception at 16:00)
●Admission/Free for precincts (Additional fees are required for visiting gardens)

8-minute walk after getting off at Higashiyama Station of subway.
City bus from JR Kyoto Station and 5-minute walk after getting off at Chion-in Mae bus stop.
14-minute walk after getting off at Keihan Gion-Shijo Station

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