Tsutenkaku Tower・Shinsekai (New World)
The broad and deep world centering from Osaka's symbolic tower
"Tower Reaching to Heaven" - an Osaka landmark with a colorful history.
January 21, 2016

The Eiffel Tower of the East?

This is the second version of the tower, dating from 1956; the original was modeled after the Eiffel tower and built in 1912. It is a beloved symbol of Osaka, evoking nostalgia, and appears in many movies. There is an observation deck at 91m; its total height is 103m. On your tour of the tower, you will be sure to come across Billiken, an odd looking creature of supposed lucky charms, who has an American origin. I found him creepy and did not rub his feet for good luck, as many do. After having enjoyed the view, descend and stroll around the surrounding streets crammed with small eateries offering the ubiquitous kushi katsu, a signature Osaka dish of skewered, battered, deep-fried foods. But beware to dip only once in the shared sauce!

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Mercedes Dobler
I’m from Toronto, Canada and have lived in Japan for 17 years, first in Kobe and now in Ashiya. I am passionate about food, wine, sake, art, books, movies and travel. I enjoy studying Japanese and French, and in my free time, I practice and teach Shotokan karate.

Shinsekai (New World) which is located in the Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa Ward of Osaka City, is a flourishing district since the World War II. It is a sightseeing spot with retro atmosphere newly recognized and highly evaluated again because of various food shops including famous snack, kushi-katsu (pork cutlets on skewers), from the center of the Jan Jan Yokochuo ("ジャンジャン横丁").In addition, Tsutenkaku Tower is about in the center of Shinsekai. It is an observatory tower with 100-meter height, and it is said that is able to get good luck after touching the sole of the foot of Billiken(God of Luck) Statue on the Golden Observation Platform. There are 700,000 people coming to visit every year. It is known as famous sightseeing spot in Osaka.

Tsutenkaku Tower・Shinsekai (New World)

(Tsutenkaku Tower)

●Hours/9:00~21:00 (Last entry 30 minutes prior closing/ Vary by seasons)
●Admission/700 yen for adults, 500 yen for university students, 400 yen for junior and high school students, 300 yen for elementary school students, 300 yen for infants (5-year-old above), (free until lobby)
◆Access/3-minute walk after getting off at Subway Ebisucho Station, 10-minute walk after getting off at JR Shin-Imamiya Station, 3-minute walk after getting off at Ebisucho Station of the Hankai Electric Tramway Hankai Line

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