Tenryu-ji Temple 【World Heritage】
Scenic beautiful garden with Saga Arashiyama in the background

It was built in 1339. Sogen Pond Garden is the No. 1 Site of Special Historic and Scenic Importance designated by the country. In 1994, registered as world's cultural heritage. This famous strolling garden which shows both noble elegance and Zen-like mysterious profundity, adopted the views from Kameyama and Arashiyama. The drawing Cloud Dragon by Matazo Kayama on the ceiling of Hatto, is called as "Dragon gazing in all-eight directions". A temple of the Zen of the Rinzai sect.

Tenryu-ji Temple 【World Heritage】


●68 Susukinobaba-cho, Saga-Tenryuji, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 616-8385
●Hours/8:30〜17:30(Gate closes at 17:30)
※October 21 - March 20 gate closed at 17:00
●Admission/Garden (Sogen Pond Garden and Garden of a Hundred Flowers): High school students and above: 500 yen; elementary and junior high school students: 300 yen; preschool children: free
Other buildings (Abbot's Quarters, Small Hojo and Hall of Many Treasures): Admission fees are the same as above, plus 100 yen
Special Admission to the Cloud-Dragon Painting in the Hatto (Dharma Hall): 500 yen/person(Dharma Hall admission fee is separate from that for Tenryu-ji's garden and buildings)
◆Access/ Get off at Arashiyama Station of Keifuku Dentetsu Arashiyama Line, or Saga-Arashiyama Station of JR Sagano Line, walk for 13 minutes. Get off at Arashiyama Station of Hankyu Line, walk for 15 minutes. Take bus of Shi Bus Line No. 11, 28 or 93 and get off at Arashiyama Tenryu-ji Mae bus stop. Take bus of Kyoto Bus Line No. 61, 72 or 83 and get off at Arashiyama Tenryu-ji Mae bus stop.

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