Nishiki Market
"Kitchen of Kyoto" with 400 years of tradition
Nishiki Market is where the food's at
January 21, 2016

Sample your way through all of Kyoto's pickles and preserved footstuffs here

Nishiki Market is one of those places that's very much a tourist destination, but that shouldn't stop you from going there. It's a delightful 5-block food market where you can graze your way through and be done with dinner *and* souvenir shopping by the time you reach the end! Start by sampling your way through the barrels of pickles and heaps of chirimen on display. Try the spicy Maiko-han Hi~Hi~ shichimi pepper at Ochanoko Saisai somewhere in the middle of the market - they have potato crisps, furikake and their seven-spice powder mix, all of which are guaranteed to leave your mouth burning. (Who says the Japanese don't do spicy food?) Their furikake mixes, which take up very little room in the suitcase, make great souvenirs for friends back home. Then there's Fujinoto, which sells some delicious and not-too-sweet soy milk doughnuts, about JPY300 or so for a bag of them. I never remember where it is but I usually pick some up when I walk past. They've recently started selling sashimi on a stick at one of the stalls in Nishiki, too. It sounds like the kitschiest snack ever, but honestly, I'd serve up chunks of fatty soy-marinated salmon and tuna on a stick to dinner guests any day - what a clever idea! For dessert, try the golden sesame soft-serve ice cream, or green tea warabi mochi - a soft, wobbly jelly made from kudzu root that's one of my favourite Japanese sweets around. Or don't. All you have to do is let your nose and eyes be your guide as you wander through this market. It's not all about food, of course - if you want the best kitchen knife money can buy in Kyoto, visit Aritsugu, a centuries-old knife shop selling some of the best blades around.

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I live in Kyoto and think incessantly about food, both making and eating it. You can find my occasional musings about food at Or more often showing you the places I've been to and what I've eaten on Instagram @furochan_eats. Y

The so called "kitchen of Kyoto" is a place, where approximately 130 stores are lined up from Teramachi-dori of Nishikikoji-dori to Takakura-dori, within the alley of 400m from east to west and 4m in width. From perishables to the ingredients of the local cuisine of Kyoto, the living necessaries are all prepared. It is always bustling with the shoppers of not only restaurants and inns' staffs, but also people coming from Kyoto or distant place.

Nishiki Market

(Nishiki Market Association)

●609 Nishidaimonji-cho, Shijo climb, Tomikoji, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 604-8054
●Holidays/None (many stores close on Wednesday or Sunday)
◆Access/City bus #5 system, 2-minute walk after getting off at Shijo Takakura (Daimaru Department Store Mae) bus stop.
3-minute walk after getting off at Shijo Station of Subway Karasuma Line,
10-minute walk after getting off at Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station of Subway Tozai Line.
3-minute walk after getting off at Karasuma Station of Hankyu Kyoto Line.
10-minute walk after getting off at Gion-Shijo Station of Subway Keihan Line

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