Kyoto Station Building Sky Garden
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January 21, 2016

Futuristic architectural design!

While Kyoto station is the hub from where many tourists start their sightseeing adventures in the traditional city of Kyoto, the station building itself is worth exploring. The modernist design was architect Hara Hiroshi’s attempt to express historical Kyoto through a modern aesthetic. I think he succeeded marvelously! The main hall is impressively vast, with its exposed steel beam roof. There is much to explore, with the Granvia hotel on one side, and the Isetan department store on the other, plus a plethora of shops, restaurants, and even an art gallery. Don’t miss the Skyway tunnel, which traverses the length of the station 45 meters above the central hall. Do look down!

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Mercedes Dobler
I’m from Toronto, Canada and have lived in Japan for 17 years, first in Kobe and now in Ashiya. I am passionate about food, wine, sake, art, books, movies and travel. I enjoy studying Japanese and French, and in my free time, I practice and teach Shotokan karate.

For commemorative events of the 1200th anniversary of the Heian capital foundation, 4th generation Kyoto Station was opened in 1997. The scale of the station building is the biggest in Japan, with multi-functional composite facilities inside, including train station, hotel, department store, theater, art museum and tourist information center. You can also enjoy Japanese Ramen at Kyoto Ramen Koji. While traveling to Kyoto, it is definitely worth to stop by the Sky Garden where you can see the full extent of Kyoto city.  

Kyoto Station Building Sky Garden

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