Arashiyama & Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama
Paradise of adorable wild Japanese monkeys
A Slow, Perfect Afternoon in Arashiyama
January 21, 2016

All you need is ice cream and coffee

As the purple train pulls in to Arashiyama Station, you're greeted by tall cylinders covered in gorgeous traditional patterns with all kinds of motifs – seasonal flowers, leaves, the lot. It took me a while to figure out that they basically looked like bamboo. Of course! This is what everyone's here for – to walk through the famous bamboo forest. What I'm here for, though, is ice cream. This is the only place in Kyoto where I can get my greedy paws on Cremia ice cream, which just happens to be some of the most delicious soft-serve in this country outside of Hokkaido. The ice cream itself is intensely rich and creamy, yes, but it's the langue du chat cone that makes it such a swoon-worthy experience: having a melt-in-your-mouth butter cookie as an ice cream cone is simply genius. Ice cream in hand, I head out of the station and left towards Togetsukyo or 'Moon-crossing' Bridge. Despite the crowds it always manages to tug at my heart a little for its romantic name. But having finished my ice cream, it's now time for a post-dessert coffee. Along the riverbank is Arabica Kyoto's Arashiyama outpost, a little cube of a coffee stall selling some of the best caffeinated shots you can find in this city. The queue is perpetually long but the wait generally isn't, and once I've got my cafe latte, I like to sit on the wall overlooking the river and watch the boats go by. I've walked along the river and the back lanes to the bamboo forest, and been here long enough that the shopping holds no appeal. What still does, though, is the yuba soft-serve ice cream somewhere on a corner along the main road. It's light and creamy and full of delicious soy goodness - a wonderful way to end your visit to Arashiyama.

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I live in Kyoto and think incessantly about food, both making and eating it. You can find my occasional musings about food at Or more often showing you the places I've been to and what I've eaten on Instagram @furochan_eats. Y

Arashiyama, which is located at the west of Kyoto city, was a noble villa area in the Heian Period. It has become a representative tourist spot of Kyoto now. Particularly, the area around Togetsu Bridge is a famous place for cherry blossoms and scarlet maple leaves where attracts many tourists.
Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayamaha, is a wild monkey park in Arashiyama of Kyoto. About 120 Japanese monkeys are living in the wild habitat. Besides, it is possible to experience nature by closely observing wild birds, insects and plants. Because of the location on the top of mountain, you can see the full extent of Kyoto city.

Arashiyama & Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama


●8 Arashiyama Genrokuyama-cho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 616-0007
●Hours/9:00〜17:30 (Last admission at 17:00) for March 15- October 31. 9:00〜16:30 (Last admission at 16:00) for November 1- March 14
※May close early due to changes in daylight hours
※May close due to severe weather
●Admission/550 yen for adults or high school students and above, 250 yen for children above four-year-old
◆Access/5-minute walk from Hankyu Arashiyama station, 5-minute walk from Keifuku Arashiyama station

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