Tachibanadera Temple
One of the seven temples built in the countryside that is associated with Prince Shotoku
Sutra-Copying is a Canonical Experience
April 13, 2017

Another beautiful temple with many halls to enter and explore. Photography isn’t allowed inside any of them, so put your cameras away and enjoy looking at the interiors and the beautifully-carved wooden Kamakura period statues. The offerings placed in front of the statues here amused me greatly - in the main hall, a can of Wonda’s special Cafe Au Lait and a bag of ‘salad macaroni’ had been carefully placed in front of the statue of Bukkyo Taishi 仏教大師. Not to be missed here is shakyo or sutra-copying experience in the Kannon Hall. This is where you copy a short section of a sutra, which will then be blessed by the priests. Both ink pens and instructions in English are provided, and the sutra itself is traceable. Simply focusing on this task in front of you is a fantastic way to clear your mind. I sometimes think I should do this more often!

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Founded in AD606, this temple is built on the site believed to be the birthplace of Prince Shotoku, who was a strong supporter of Buddhism in Japan. Most of the temple was rebuilt in the Edo period. Within the complex, there is a mysterious stone, about 1 metre high, which predates the buildings, called the Nimenseki. Carved with the face of a man and a woman, it is thought to represent the two faces of humanity: good and evil.

Tachibana dera

Accepting only Japanese

●Address/532 Tachibana, Asuka, Takaichi
●Hours/9:00 - 17:00 (last admission 16:30)
●Holidays/Open all year round
●Admission/Adults 350yen; high school & junior school students 300yen; elementary school students 150yen
◆Access/From Kintetsu Okadera Station:- 29 minutes on foot from the station.
From Kintetsu Kashiharajingu-mae Station:- Take a bus bound for Okadera-mae and alight at the Kawahara stop.

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