Sawanotsuru Sake Museum
A traditional sake brewery exhibition boasting 300 years of establishment
An in-depth look at traditional sake making
March 20, 2017

Sawanotsuru Museum showcases the traditional culture of sake making in the Nada area, which started at this site 400 years ago. Designated as an Important Tangible National Cultural Property by Hyogo Prefecture, the museum explains all the steps and tools need for making sake in detailed and well-written signs in English at every stop. There is an engaging video to watch before starting the tour, and at the end, visitors are rewarded with complimentary sake tasting at the museum shop. The shop offers a variety of sakes, plum wine, local area Japanese pickles made with sake lees (Nara-zuke), and other snacks. Kanpai!

written by
Mercedes Dobler
I’m from Toronto, Canada and have lived in Japan for 17 years, first in Kobe and now in Ashiya. I am passionate about food, wine, sake, art, books, movies and travel. I enjoy studying Japanese and French, and in my free time, I practice and teach Shotokan karate.

Designated as an Important Tangible National Cultural Property by Hyogo Prefecture. Find out how sake was originally made and visit the souvenir shop.

Sawanotsuru Sake Museum


●Address/1-29-1 OishiMinami-machi, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi,Hyogo 657-0852
●Hours/10:00 - 16:00
◆Access/10-minute walk south from Hanshin Oishi Station along the Toga River.

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