Genkyu-en Garden (Genkyu Rakurakuen)
The elegant, old Daimyo garden, which was chosen as one of the most scenic spots of Japan, was made in the early Edo period imitating the Omi Hakkei scenery

Genkyu-en Garden is a Daimyo ("feudal lord") garden located to the north east of Hikone-jo Castle, created to resemble the Eight Views of Omi that in turn originate from the Eight Views of Lake Biwa and the Eight Views of Xiaoxiang, China. A representative example of the Japanese Daimyo garden style, it is a designated Japan Heritage site. September every year sees the holding of the "Meet to Hear the Sound of Insects in Genkyu-en," and November the "Fall Genkyu-en Illuminations," both allowing you to enjoy a rich garden experience.

Genkyu-en Garden (Genkyu Rakurakuen)


●Address/3 Konkicho, Hikone-shi, Shiga 522-0061
●Hours/8:30 - 17:00
●Holidays/Open every day
◆Access/JR Biwako Line Hikone Station 15 min. on foot

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