Rokkosan Pasture - Kobe Cheese House

Kobe Rokkosan Pasture is a place for people to be connected with the nature and animals, where many farm animals including sheep, cows, donkeys, ponies and goats are kept. Enjoy peaceful time in a broad, pastoral-like scene on top of Mt. Rokko. There are many facilities located including “Mt. Rokko Q・B・B Cheese House”, where you can observe the process of how Kobe cheese (camembert cheese) is made. Many fun hands-on classes are held, such as wool craft, and making ice cream, butter, cheese, soft caramel, and sausages.

Rokkosan Pasture - Kobe Cheese House


●Kobe, Nada-ku Rokkosan-cho Nakaichiriyama 1-1 657-0101
●Hours/9:00 - 17:00 (3/20 - 11/5, August: Weekends and holidays open until 18:00)
●Holidays/Facility inspection on Tuesdays from 11/6 - 3/19 (rescheduled in case of a holiday); Closed weekdays from 1/11 - 2/1
●Admission/Adults 500 yen; Students (Elementary-Middle School)200 yen
◆Access/From Hankyu Rokko Station, take the city bus to Rokko Cable-shita, and then transfer to the Sky Shuttle Bus and get off at the Rokkosan Bokujo stop.

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