Nara 6kannon ~ Asuka · Yoshino · Tonomine ~ A healing trip in Nara<Asuka/2>【One-day trip】

Feel the wind of ancient Asuka through cycling
The ideal itinerary for anyone who wants to explore the Asuka area on two wheels. Bicycles are easily rented from around the station area, and Asuka is relatively flat, so cycling to the various sightseeing spots is a breeze. The exception here is Okadera Temple, which is perched on a hill - the climb up is going to be kind of steep. Just remind yourself that there’s dessert waiting for you at Coccolo Café.

Photo : Okadera Temple / Nyoirin Kanzeon Bosatsu(the Buddha of Wish-Granting)
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Route Directions

Kintetsu yoshino line Asuka station

Kintetsu Asuka station Rotary right hand, before the police box

Let's explore Asuka-ji, an eternal land, where Japanese history is said to have begun

About 15 minutes by bicycle rental

Tachibanadera Temple
Tachibanadera Temple
One of the seven temples built in the countryside that is associated with Prince Shotoku

About 15 minutes by bicycle rental

Restaurant Asukano
This quaint ice cream shop is hard to miss. It is surrounded by flags and a menagerie of mascots from cows to garden gnomes, which are even taking over the shingle roof. You can try their soft serve ice creams using fresh fruit pulp. Flavours include fig, mango and Asuka Ruby strawberry. Just a few minutes from the Ishibutai Tumulus. Opening Hours : 9:00 - 17:00 *Restaurant: 11:00 - 15:00 Payment : Cash only Closed on : Irregularly

About 5 minutes by bicycle rental

Okadera Temple
Okadera Temple
Japan's first Yakuyoke Kannon (an apotropaic Goddess of Mercy), as a statue is Japan's greatest Buddha

About 8 minutes by bicycle rental

Asuka Temple
Asuka Temple
Japan's first full-scale temple built in 596 AD

About 3 minutes by bicycle rental

Asukaniimasu Shrine
Asukaniimasu Shrine
Venerable old shrine and the inyo stones shaped as male and female genitals scattered

About 20 minutes by bicycle rental

Coccolo Café
This charming cafe with mismatched, vintage furniture and a relaxing atmosphere is a good place to recharge and enjoy the free Wi-Fi. You will find the standard Japanese cafe dishes, such as an omelet with rice, curry and pasta. Hours : 11:00 - 19:00 Closed on : Wednesdays

About 1 minutes by bicycle rental

Kintetsu yoshino line Asuka station
Return the bicycle to Asuka bicycle on Asuka station (until 17:00)
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