The taste of Sakai's specialty conger eel is the best in the world. A take-away specialty store sell

The taste of our dishes we have been making for 60 years are concise and clear. The thick Sakai conger eel is high-end but at a reasonable price. We are a take-away specialty store so you can enjoy the food of Sakai even during trips or at your hotel. The conger eel sushi may be sold out in the afternoon so please hurry! We only accept cash so credit cards cannot be used, please be careful!



Japanese only


●1-1-22 Dejimacho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi
●Hours/9:30~18:00 (or when sold out)
●Holidays/ Tuesday,Irregular or Irregularly
●Admission/ Take-out Specialty Store(Cash only)
Average budget: 900 yen for one conger eel sushi (excluding tax), 630 yen one box of conger eel sushi (excluding tax)
◆Access/ 5 minute talk from Minato Station on the Nankai Main Line, 5 minute walk from Ogurimae Station on the Hankai Line, Sagi Bridge bus stop front of Nankai Bus

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