Jyukichi-ya (Nara-style Pickles)
To say Nara is to say Nara-style pickles. Melon, including melons which are three years old among others, and other varieties

In front of Yakushijiminamimon, we're making and selling delicious Nara pickles with especially chemical-free raw ingredients and Yasushi Miso specialty.

Persimmon, celery, burdock, etc. are abundant in variety. It is refreshing and sweet.

Jyukichi-ya (Nara-style Pickles)

Jyukichi-ya (Nara-style Pickles)


●392-2 Nishinokyocho, Nara City 630-8042 (In front of Yakushijiminamimon)
●Hours/ 9:00~17:00
●Holidays/ December 31, Mid-January up to the Thursday of the end of February
◆Access/ Approximately 5-minute walk after getting off Kintetsu Nishinokyo Station;
Approximately 20-minute ride from Nishimeihan Koriyama Interchange

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