Tottori Harbour Seafood Market Karoichi
Here is the place to eat freshly-caught fish from the Sea of Japan!

With its plethora of fresh-caught seafood from Karo Harbour as well as direct sales of produce and souvenirs, this market can rightly be called the kitchen of Tottori. Fish dealers also offer local shipping of fresh fish purchased at the site, and plenty of varieties of seafood dishes are on offer in the adjacent restaurant section. At the fish-tank eatery Kaiyoutei featuring fish prepared directly from the water, the white squid whole-fish sashimi comes particularly recommended.

Tottori Harbour Seafood Market Karoichi

Tottori Harbour Seafood Market Karoichi

Tottori Harbour Seafood Market Karoichi

●27-1 3-chome, Karo-cho Nishi, Tottori, Tottori  680-0908
●Hours/8:00~17:00 (Vary by individual shops)
●Holidays/None (Only January 1st) (Vary by individual shops)
◆Access/ 1-minite walk after getting off at ""Kanikko-kan mae"" Bus stop of JR Tottori Station

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