Nara Meihinkan (Sanjodori)
All sorts of Nara’s specialties

Kakinoha-zushi (Sanjodori) of Nara Meihinkan is located 200 meters east of JR Nara Station on Sanjodori street. Although the signboard of “so-honke Hiraso” stands out from the outside, once you enter the store, you will notice that in addition to Hiraso’s Kakinoha-zushi, Nara’s traditional specialties, natural and healthy food, local famous Sake, and other various things are displayed for sale in the store.

Nara Meihinkan (Sanjodori)

Nara Meihinkan (Sanjodori)


●480 Sanjocho, Nara City 630-8244
●Hours/ 9:00-19:00
●Holidays/ Open 7 days a week
◆Access/ 4-minute walk after getting off at JRnara Station

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