Kakinoha-zushi (Noboriooji)
A Kakinoha-zushi specialty shop near Kintetsu Nara Station

A small store that is located just east of Kintetsu Nara Station. In addition to Kakinoha-zushi of Hiraso, other souvenirs including Nara’s famous confections are sold too. Many tourists visit the store on their way to or back from Nara Park in spring and autumn. Please drop by when you come to Nara for sightseeing.

Kakinoha-zushi (Noboriooji)


●Hours/[December 1 – end of February] 9:00-18:00
[March 1 – November 30] 9:00-19:00
[August 5 – August 15] 19:00-22:00
●Holidays/Open 7 days a week

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