Kuroshio Market
It is a tuna theme park where you can watch a live tuna preparation show and enjoy the taste of raw tuna!

The Kuroshio Market is a well-known fish market where you can eat and buy fresh Japanese fish. It is also a very popular spot among foreign tourists.

There are seafood barbecue restaurants as well as Japanese restaurants which serve fresh seafood. In addition, you can also buy fresh tuna and various seafood products to take away with you.

Please do drop by the market while you are visiting the Kansai area.

There are Chinese speakers in the Kuroshio Market’s information.

Kuroshio Market

Kuroshio Market


●Address/1527, Kemi, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama-ken
●Holidays/Irregular holidays
※Differs depending on the facilities.
Kuroshio Ichiba
●Entrance free
◆Access/There are parking spaces for 3,500 cars inside Marina City.

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Guests can enjoy watching a whole tuna preparation show( »which can also be seen here )

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