Yojiya Ginkakuji Store, Shop & Café
Take a moment to relax at the café after shopping. Enjoy the unique hospitality of Kyoto.

Yojiya is famous for its "aburatorigam"", or oil-blotting facial paper, which is popular among Kyoto women. It is made of carefully selected special Japanese paper. By lightly pressing it on your skin, it will soak up only the extra sebum without smudging makeup. With its outstanding absorbency and skin-friendly features, the paper also comes in a pocketbook size that is easy to carry around. It has become a favored gem among the geikos and maikos, traditional female entertainers in Kyoto, of the geiko entertainment districts known as Hanamachi.
After shopping, take a moment to relax at the café attached to the shop. Popular items on the menu are the ""Yojiya Original Matcha Cappuccino"", a drink that has the latte art of the Yojiya logo, and other sweets that use Uji matcha. It is recommended to relax while viewing the Japanese garden from the quaint mansion.

Yojiya Ginkakuji Store, Shop & Café

Yojiya Ginkakuji Store, Shop & Café

Shop: 075-754-0010

◆15 Honenin-cho, Shishigatani, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Japan 606-8421
◆Opening hours: café 10:00~18:00 (17:30 LO)※Vary according to the season
◆Holidays: no holidays
◆Access: Take a city bus from Kyoto Station. Get off at "Kinrinshakomae", then walk for 5 minutes.

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