Enjoy the taste of Biwako's hidden special product, Biwamasu that will melt in your mouth!
A once in a lifetime suchi experince with the unique flavors of Shiga
March 19, 2017

Visitors who decided to pull up to the counter at Hisago-sushi are in for a special and rare treat. Hisago-sushi offers not only all the traditional sushi, but also local flavors as well. Wow your friends by telling them about sushi they've never tried and won't find outside of Hisago-sushi. Lake Biwa Trout is one such sushi. Hisago-sushi is the only sushi restaurant to offer it year round. so if you ware into local delicacies, it is the place to go.

written by
Benjamin John McCracken
I arrived in Japan almost 19 years ago as a student and fell in love with the culture and beauty of the country. Over the next 18 years I found myself coming back to Japan frequently and finally decided to move to Japan fulltime to assume the role of the Resident Director for the Japan Center for Michigan Universities. I enjoy cycling around Japan, especially around Lake Biwa.

A restaurant offering traditional Japanese dishes and sushi. Especially recommended are the dishes and courses containing flavors that you can only find in Shiga - local cuisine and dishes that include lake fish and Omi beef.




●213-3 Sakuramiyacho, Omihachiman-shi, Shiga 523-0893
●Hours/ 11:00 - 21:00 Sun. 10:00 - 21:00
●Holidays/Tue. (Other; closure other Wednesday twice a month.)
◆Access/JR Biwako Line Omi-Hachiman Station North Exit 8 min. on foot

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