Nishimura Coffee, Kitanozaka
Kobe's tasteful, old-established coffee shop full of retro sense with a quiet appearance of brick making
An original coffeehouse with old world charm!
March 20, 2017

Founded in 1948, Nishimura Coffee was one of the original coffee houses in Kobe, where people could relax with an expertly crafted cup of coffee. The foreign-style red brick building covered in ivy evokes a nostalgic old world warmth and charm, with Western antique furniture and decorations. On the first floor, one can enjoy European-style cakes, I highly recommend the Nishimura Coffee House Torte with a Viennese coffee! The second floor offers elegant dining for lunch and dinner. They serve contemporary French cuisine using seasonal and local ingredients. I had a delicious veal cutlet for lunch, while enjoying the view over Kitano-zaka.

written by
Mercedes Dobler
I’m from Toronto, Canada and have lived in Japan for 17 years, first in Kobe and now in Ashiya. I am passionate about food, wine, sake, art, books, movies and travel. I enjoy studying Japanese and French, and in my free time, I practice and teach Shotokan karate.

Nishimura Coffee has been in business since 1948, and grew in step with the port town of Kobe. It was the first coffee house to serve black coffee, cappuccino and coffee jelly in Japan and there are many people still fond of them to today. The Kitanozaka branch has a great atmosphere, was built with red bricks, and was the first members-only coffee house in Japan. You will enjoy a cup of coffee with antique furniture around you and upstairs of the shop. Contemporary French based cuisine is served for lunch and dinner.

Nishimura Coffee, Kitanozaka

Nishimura Coffee, Kitanozaka


●2-1-20 Yamamotodori,Chuo-ku,Kobe-shi,Hyogo 650-0003
●Hours/ 10:00 - 22:00 / 2nd Floor Restaurant 11:00 - 20:30 (last order)
●Holidays/ Open everyday
◆Access/ Approx. 10-minute walk north on Kitanozaka from Sannomiya Station (JR/Hankyu/Hanshin/Subway Lines).

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