500 years old long-established restaurant that continues to look after the travelers of Fushimi. The Unadon (bowl of eel and rice) with secret sauce is exceptional!

The ruler, Hideyoshi named the restaurant Nezameya after his lover. It is said that the character 袮 (ne) was taken from the name of his legal wife.

Yakitorinosuzume (winter only), uzura (all year round), and unagidon are extremely popular. There is a complete menu with the uniquely tasting inari sushi (sushi in fried tofu) with hemp seed, saba sushi (mackerel sushi), kitsune udon (udon with deep-fried tofu), nishinsoba, and many more.




●82 Fukakusainarionmae-cho , Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 612-0881
●Hours/10:00 ~18:00 * last orders 17:30
●Holidays/We will close irregularly.
◆Access/Keihan Railway , FUSHIMIINARI station ◆JR Nara line , INARI station

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