Shinsekai Ganso Kushikatsu Daruma Sohonten
"Daruma" - the classic Osaka gourmet "kushikatsu"

The ""Ganso Kushikatsu Daruma"" is the birthplace of kushikatsu, or Japanese deep-fried skewers. Since its establishment in 1929, kushikatsu has become a popular taste for the Osaka people.
Because fresh meat and vegetables are wrapped in fine-grained breadcrumbs and fried in special oil, it has the exquisite texture of having a crispy outside and soft inside. Please fully dip the golden kushikatsu into the original Daruma sauce - only once because double dipping is prohibited!
The perfect balance of the batter and the sauce brings out the best taste of the ingredients and prevents a heavy stomach regardless of the number of skewers eaten. Hence, Kushikatsu is a must-have meal when touring Osaka!

Shinsekai Ganso Kushikatsu Daruma Sohonten


Opening hours: 11:00~22:30 (22:00 LO) Holidays: January 1 Access: Go south from the Tsutenkaku store, and turn left at the corner after Pachinko Jumbo

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