Organic Cafe Hanasaka
Mt. Yoshino's organic café provides agrochemical-free food
Hippie, Healthy and Delicious – Vegan/Vegetarian Food at Hanasaka
April 13, 2017

Vegan and vegetarian travellers have usually found travel in Japan challenging since many places don’t really understand these dietary concepts. However, this has changed a good deal in recent years and there are a much wider variety of options than there used to be - rejoice! Even a small mountain town like Yoshino now has the lovely, homey Cafe Hanasaka, an organic and all-natural cafe set in a refurbished traditional wooden house, with retro music softly playing. They serve some delicious almond and coconut cream-based cakes (can you believe there’s no butter?), milkshakes, coffee, and also a rather healthy and delicious vegetarian lunch set. Table seating is nonexistent, so be prepared to sit on the floor. A perfect place for a slow break in the middle of your travels.

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This charming rustic restaurant is completely vegan and organic, with delicious dishes to satisfy even the uninitiated. Everything has a hand-made appearance, with a mix of hand crafted and vintage decor. All seating is tatami style and there is a large room at the back where children can play. For the special lunch set you need to book at least a day ahead so they can prepare, but you can drop in for more casual meals, vegan cakes, teas and green smoothies. The husband can speak some English and can take bookings by phone. They also sell a range of vegan baked goods and groceries to take away.

Organic Cafe Hanasaka

Organic Cafe Hanasaka


●Address/ 2299 Yoshinoyama, Yoshino, Yoshino-gun
●Hours/11:00 - 17:00
◆Access/From Ropeway ""Yoshinoyama"" Station:- 31 minutes on foot from the station.

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