Uji City Municipal Teahouse "Taiho-an"
Beginner-friendly! Experience the authentic Ujicha tea ceremony etiquette taught conscientiously.

Taiho-an, an authentic teahouse, was built for the purpose of spreading knowledge about the tea ceremony. It is located next to the Uji Municipal Tourist Center. "Taiho-an" literally means "teahouse across from the phoenix." It was so named because it sits on a levee of the Uji River, across from Hoodo (Phoenix Hall) of Byodo - in Temple. Visitors to this teahouse, which is equipped with authentic seating for the ceremony, honseki and also hiroma-chaseki and ryurei-seki), can also savor fine tea.

Uji City Municipal Teahouse "Taiho-an"

Uji City Tourist Association

●1-5 Uji Togawa, Uji-shi, Kyoto 611-0021
●Holidays/the year-end and New Year holidays
●Admission/ Per seat inclusive of seasonal Japanese confectionery: 500 yen
Matcha menu: light grade 500 yen
Sencha menu: medium grade 500 yen, refined 700 yen
Tea ceremony etiquette experience: matcha or sencha 1,200 yen (Can accommodate one (1) person or more but reservation required 3 days in advance)

◆Access/ Get off at ""Uji Station"" of Keijin Uji Line, 10 minutes on foot; or
Get off at ""Uji Station"" of JR Nara Line, 15 minutes on foot

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