Restaurant Ship [Luminous Kobe 2]

This restaurant ship was designed and built after the luxurious passenger ship from the 1930s " Normandy". Inside the ship, the sophisticated and elegant art deco style interior will take you back in time. You will enjoy the fabulous French cuisine and the view of the city of Kobe and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. It is an ideal venue for anniversaries, birthdays or other occasions or private functions.

Luminous Kobe 2


●Address/Kobe, Chuo-ku Hatoba-cho 5-6 Nakatottei Passenger Terminal 2F
●Hours/Daily 10:00 - 19:00
●Holidays/None Closed from December 26 - mid-January
●Admission/Cruise ticket
Adults ¥2160 and ¥3240
Children ¥1080 and ¥1620.

Menu & Pricing
Luminous Lunch Course¥4,320~
Dinner Course¥6,480~
*boarding fare not included"
◆Access/Approx. 15-minute walk south from JR and Hanshin Motomachi Stations. Approx. 5 minutes by taxi.

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