Brush making experience(Akashiya Showroom)
The beginning of Japanese brush making "Narafude". Even to this date, the traditional technique has been passed on to make the authentic brush.

A space for Narafude (Nara brush) which has been passed on in succession for 1300 years, and makeup brush testing and selling. You can visit for a live demonstration by traditional craftsmen, or you can go for a memorable brush making experience
※Advance reservation for Japanese brush making is required.Same-day reservations are available.
(However,due to the lack of preparetion time, We cloudn't accept the reservation occasionally. Please contact us to make sure)

Akashiya Showroom


●78-1 Minamishinmachi, Nara City 630-8016
●Hours/ 10:00-17:00 Experience 10:00-16:00
●Holidays/ Sundays, Summer Vacation, New Year's Holiday
●adimisson free/ brush making experience:\1,620yen (tax in) per person
(Done and take it home!)
◆Access/ From Kintetsu / JR Nara station, get off at Sanjo Oji 2 chome bus stop, about 8 minutes on foot;
From Kintetsu Yamatosaidaiji Station or Kintetsu Shinomiya Station, approximately 10 minutes by taxi

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