Shikano Soba Dojo
Why not try the ultimate buckwheat making that everyone approves of!

Buckwheat kernels are carefully ground in a stone mortar and combined with the finest quality Japanese yam and local spring water. This shop also offers the chance to make these noodles by hand using original technique and genuine traditional tools. The eatery provides an abundance of set meals and a la carte options. (Reservations required for the soba-making workshop.)

Shikano Soba Dojo

Shikano Soba Dojo

●2448-9 Shikano, Shikano-cho, Tottori, Tottor I 689-0405
●Hours/ 11:30-14:00 (until 15:00 on weekends and holidays); Buckwheat Making Experience from 10:00-14:00 in two shifts (reservation required)
●Holidays/ First Thursday of the month; January 01 and 02
●Admission/ 1 ~ 4 people / setup fee: 2,808 yen + 108 yen per person × number of people
Example) 1 person: 2, 916 yen, 4 people: 3, 240 yen
※ Experience time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes
◆Access/ From JR Hamamura Station, a 20-minute bus ride bound for Shikano, and immediately after getting off at "Sogoshishomae" bus stop

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