Tour & Workshop of Japanese Traditional Clrafts [Nanamagari]
You will try one of three craft types: Urushi lacquered chopsticks, gold leafing, or makie gold powdering.

A butsudan is a cabinet used to store Buddhism related items in Japanese homes. Here you can experience three of the processes used to make these glorious items for yourself; Gold leafing, makie gold powdering, and making lacquered chopsticks. Under the instruction of master craftsmen, make something that will last while also making memories of your visit. You can take whatever you make home with you. Each experience only takes around an hour, and you can make reservations for your desired time from the official home page.

Tour & Workshop of Japanese Traditional Clrafts [Nanamagari]

Inoue Butsudan Ten

●Shiganchō, Hikone-shi, Shiga prefecture 50 522-0031
Inoue Buddhist altar store
●Hours/ 14:00 start (required time 2 hours)
※Other time zones are available
●Holidays/Tue, New Year period, Obon festival (mid August) & Golden Week (early May)
Please inquire for more details.
●Admission/ It depends on the number of participants.
One person 3,900 yen (in case of 10 people) ~ For details see website
※Reservation required 1 week in advance
◆Access/20-minute walk after getting off at JR Hikone Station, 3 minutes by car,
10-minute walk after getting off at Omi Railway Hikone Serikawa Station

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