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IC card type ticket with special benefits

Travel Around “Kansai” with Just one IC card and a smartphone

Sales price: 2,000yen Now on sale

Foreign visitors only.
With a KANSAI ONE PASS, you can smoothly make connections with any major trains in the Kansai region without buying tickets each time. What’s more, by showing it at the sightseeing spots, you may receive discount services. Check the KANSAI ONE PASS site with your smartphone for more details.

Click here for details on "KANSAI ONE PASS"

【SENPAI JAPAN】and【KANSAI ONE PASS】mutually cooperate.

SENPAI JAPAN website provides recommendation by the foreigners in Japan (SENPAI), while KANSAI ONE PASS website provides special benefit information of the【KANSAI ONE PASS】 IC card.

To jump from【SENPAI JAPAN】to【KANSAI ONE PASS】website's special benefit page, the banner below is linked.

Within【KANSAI ONE PASS】, there is the link banner to【SENPAI JAPAN】(explained below).